Live hopefully, happily, & mentally healthy

Our psychologist are ready to listen, counsel, & empower you.


Mental health issues are suck!

At first, you thought it was NORMAL

But now, it STEAL your life from inside

This is not your fault, you deserve...

Hopeful Life
Meaningful Life
Peaceful Life

We understand how frustrated you are

We are here to care about you

We promise, we keep you safe

Licenced Psychologists
Certified & experienced Psychologists
100% Trusted and Safe
Personal data dan privacy are safe, used for counseling purpose only

And we help more than....

400+ Client
700+ Session

What they said about counseling at Hope Psychology Center

Thank you for making me feel more valuable and joyful. Thank you also for being a safe and comfortable place to express and solve problems with the right solutions ❤️-

Thank you sudah membantu diriku merasa lebih berharga dan bahagia. Thank you juga sudah menjadi tempat yang aman dan nyaman buat mencurahkan sekaligus membereskan permasalahan dengan solusi yang tepat ❤️-

I / 38 y.o
Thank you so much for accompanying me in my struggles and process of becoming a better person. Thank you very much for all the advice, it has been very helpful for me who was previously confused and couldn't make decisions, now I know what decisions that are good for myself 😊-

Makasi banyak ya sudah menemani berjuang dan berproses untuk menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik. Makasi banyak atas smua saran2nya, sangat membantu aku yang sbelumnya galau tidak bisa ambil keputusan jd tahu keputusan apa yang baik di ambil buat diri sendiri 😊-
Y / 33 y.o
Psychologists are really helpful in helping me understand my condition without making me feel judged or uncomfortable. Talking to a psychologist makes me more know myself better. Thank you very much, please keep doing so because you truly help people like me improve their life quality.

Psikolog ngebantu banget buat ngerti kondisi sy tanpa ngebuat sy merasa dihakimi atau nggak nyaman. Ngobrol sm psikolog bikin sy lbh kenal sm diri sendiri Thank you bgt, please keep doing so bcs you truly help people like me improve their life quality.
A / 30 y.o

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What is counseling? Isn't it just a talking session with professional?
Is counseling at HPC paid?
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